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What is Tennis Elbow? on: 2020 Oct 22

TENNIS ELBOW   WHAT IS TENNIS ELBOW AND HOW TO FIX IT?   BY BARBARA WARD, BScPT, BPE, Certified GUNN IMS Practioner, Spinal Manipulation, FCAMT on Joint Pain…. June 13, 2020   How Do I Know if I Have Tennis Elbow? Typical symptoms of Tennis Elbow (lateral elbow tendinopathy) are: Tenderness when you press on the outside bony part of your elbow Pain when you use the muscles that move the wrist, index and middle fingers in an extension motion. Pain with gripping an object‍ What Causes Tennis Elbow? Tendon break down can be the result of overuse, underuse, and excessive forces that leave the tendon in a weakened state. ‍ What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow is a condition where the tendons that attach to the outside of your elbow become sore and make the elbow and hand difficult to use.  It results in pain on the outside of…

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