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TMJ pain on: 2020 Oct 27

Suffering from TMJ? Chiropractic care can help. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or lockjaw is often thought to be chronic with few treatment options other than pain medications or surgery. TMJ is usually temporary and often caused by simple triggers like sleeping in the wrong position, dentist office visits, or symptoms of stress. TMJ can be caused by teeth grinding which can seem chronic but mostly because the cause is habitual. Many are surprised to discover than chiropractors treat TMJ on a regular basis. What Is TMJ? “Temporomandibular” refers to the temporal bones (lower lateral walls of the skull) and mandible (jaw) bones. These two sets of bones are connected at the joint by cartilage and soft tissues that act as a hinge that allows the jaw to open and close. TMJ is the name of this joint, which everyone has, but is often used to describe the pain and other issues…

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