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Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo Treatment on: 2020 Dec 04

Is your world spinning? Vertigo is a sensation of spinning dizziness, as though the room/environment is spinning in circles around the person. It is a symptom and can be caused by various conditions involving the brain (central) or inner ear (peripheral). Alongside headache, dizziness and vertigo is one of the most common symptoms presented to doctors, with a lifetime prevalence of around 20% to 30%. The term dizziness can take on many meanings to different people, so it is important we take a thorough history to ensure that it is vertigo you’re experiencing and not other forms of dizziness such as lightheaded, foggy/faint. These may indicate other issues for example, blood pressure, heart/vascular issues and neck tension/headaches. Once we have determined it is in fact vertigo, a thorough subjective and objective assessment will help us to determine the cause of your vertigo and whether physiotherapy treatment is appropriate. How do…

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