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Acute Wry Neck

Acute Wry Neck on: 2021 Mar 03

Written by Natasha Chan   Have you ever had a patient who’s woken up one morning and their neck is sore and feels like it’s stuck in one position? There’s a chance they might be suffering from acute wry neck. Wry neck, also referred to as torticollis, is a very common condition which can be quite debilitating as it can cause severe pain with the smallest neck movements. Approximately 70% of the population experiences an episode of neck pain at some point in their lives. Anyone can get a wry neck, but it typically occurs in young people between 12 and 30 years of age. It can be very worrisome for patients as they quickly realize it is difficult to carry out their daily routine/activities when they have a lack of range of motion within their neck. The good news is that acute wry neck can be successfully treated in a…

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