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How to deal with chronic pains

How to deal with chronic pains on: 2021 Mar 16

  How to deal with chronic pains  Posted by New Hope Physio  On 12 Sep 2017  Physiotherapy   Chronic pain - Any pain which last for more than twelve weeks is known as chronic pain.It may be due to injury or illness or no clear cause. Chronic pain clinic Brampton helps in managing the flexibility, strength, stamina of a person. Familiar causes of chronic pain: - Past injuries or surgeries Arthritis Chronic headaches and conditions like migraine Infections Nerve damage Fibromyalgia Symptoms of chronic pain - Dull pain Throbbing Shooting Stinging Stiffness Soreness Burning Squeezing Associated symptoms which a person can feel - Restlessness Tired or fatigue Weakness or lack of energy Mood swings Irritable Sleeplessness Treatment: - Medication Acupuncture Electrical stimulation Nerve block Self-management of pain Physiotherapy Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy in Brampton is also involves IFT inferential current therapy-This therapy is used to treat issues of pain, spasm and inflammation by mean of interferential current therapy. In this…

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