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Acupuncture for Migraine on: 2020 Sep 08

Science confirms acupuncture prevents migraines   A highly respected and official review of scientific literature to prevent migraines showed acupuncture works slightly better than drugs and is not just a placebo.   Some trials tested acupuncture alone compared to routine care, others tested “fake” or “sham” acupuncture, and some compared acupuncture to the use of drugs taken to prevent migraines. Fake or sham acupuncture treatment in research is usually a non-penetrative procedure done to fool the test subject, or can be acupuncture needles inserted into areas on the body assumed to not have a therapeutic effect.  This is controversial, since we don’t fully understand the mechanism of acupuncture, therefore we don’t fully understand how to make a good “fake” acupuncture system to measure placebo effect and not get some active therapeutic effect too. 1. Adding acupuncture is a valid procedure to include in a symptomatic treatment plan to reduce the…

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